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#weaskmore MMTVN

Mingle Media TV Network (MMTVN) is an online media and digital entertainment company who has grown organically to the top 50,000 viewership on Youtube through authentic fans and digital content.

It’s hard to grow a digital presence online with this focus. We know and that’s how we’re leading the way with our #WeAskMore philosophy. We focus on smart questions about the event, the story, the characters, the project, what’s next and yes, we ask about fashion. These are appropriate questions – not gotcha questions.

No link bait. No gossip. No inappropriate or off topic questions.

With over 9,500 video interviews on YouTube with above and below the line entertainment industry professionals, MMTVN does not just talk to the “hot” stars they talk to everyone who walks the carpet, joins the roundtable or event.

We also have experience in covering lots of events from Oscars to set-visits. Many of our team are also SAG-AFTRA members, Television Academy Interactive Media Peer Group members, Award-winners in several entertainment industry field… and yes, evenEmmy winners. We are proud of our reputation and being recognized as an outlet that is “safe” for your talent to talk to, not walk away from.

MMTVN was founded in 2010 and has been covering Red Carpet Arrivals, Premieres, Set-Visits, One-to-One interviews, Phoners, Press Day, Screeners, Movie and TV Reviews, Award Galas, Charity Events, Gifting Suites, Film Festivals, Cast Interviews, DVD and Series Launches… Have we been on any of yours?

More About Mingle Media TV Network

Mingle Media TV Network is socially connected with over 75,000 subscribers to our social networks and another 30K subscribers from our website properties.

Our media has an average of 3.75 million views each month via our outlet sites and social networks: and via video  photos on Flickr and via syndicated entertainment site articles as well as on over 15 additional sites from YouTube, Google+, Daily Motion, AOL Video, iTunes, LinkedIn, Roku PLUS on social networking sites: Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Stumpleupon, Reddit, blog posts,Tumblr, and other social networks.

Our demographics average 60% female and 40% male audience worldwide and the age groups vary depending on location. In the US – it breaks down as follows: 13% 13-17 yr olds, 30% 18-24 yr olds, 28% 25-34 yr olds, 16% 35-44 yr olds, 8.2% 45-54 yr olds, 5.3% 55 yrs and over.

Red Carpet Report Entertainment News

The Red Carpet Report covers entertainment news, movie and TV reviews, celebrity interviews, fashion, lifestyle and technology spotlights in a mixed media curated format which includes our photos and YouTube videos within our articles… expanding the reach of the content we’re sharing. And yes, we link back to all events, TV shows, and projects to help your content get found easier.